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Lulaby my sweet little baby

by William
is still a bit too hard for us to learn in one season of
singing Christmas music, especially since it's 5 parts, and a
lot of our meetings around Christmas have fewer people than
But it would really rock (in several senses of the word -- it's
a cradle-rocking rhythm in the triple meter section) if we could
do it, and the serpent likes the bass line. So we played it


This transcription is actually by Allen Garvin, who has recently
started his own site for his transcriptions from Renaissance Facsimile.
The piece is from Petrucci's Odhecaton
. So it's a bit earlier than most of the music on
this site, and the note values are longer, and the crunches are a
bit different, but we're enjoying it.

Lassus Fantasias

The Phalese Bicinia were among the first pieces I
acquired and played in facsimile, and also among the early ones
I transcribed. The Motets
I was playing with my recorder teacher and had access to a decent
modern edition, so in spite of my inexperience with Renaissance
Music, I didn't make too many terrible errors. This was not the
case with the Fantasias or the