Polls for the lulu.com store

There's been more activity in the lulu.com store lately,
so I've been more inspired to do work on adding more items to the store.
I've just added two poll questions to the sidebar. If you
think you might be willing to pay for book versions of the content
of this site, please answer the questions.
Obviously, the reason for the first question about what you'd
like to see next is to see what people might be interested in
The reason for the second question, about whether you buy in
hard copy or downloadable PDF is practical -- the lulu pricing
isn't kind to people who buy hard copy of part books, for two

  • In general, there need to be more pages in 4 partbooks than
    in one book with all the parts.
  • Four partbooks cost more than the same number of pages in
    one book.

People who buy pdf's don't have to worry about this, because
they are paying for the printing costs on their own printer,
instead of on lulu's printers.
Current actual sales are very heavily PDF's rather than hard
copy, and my guess is that this will continue to be the case, but
if there's a large pent-up demand for hard copy, I'd like to know
about it.
So please consider answering the poll questions, if you have
any interest at all in what I do with the lulu store.